About us

Siblings with a passion for travelling and discovering other cultures, we share a value passed down from our parents: “You can do anything if you give yourself the time and means to do so.” In the end of 2013, Élise shared with her family her interest for The Sun Trip: we applied early 2014 to the 2015 edition, successfully. Team Deli Dolu was born.

Hiking around La Ciotat
Hiking around La Ciotat


Élise is a veterinarian; she is 28 years old and lives in Rennes. She works for a laboratory and travels daily to meet vets throughout France. She is the technical manager of team Deli Dolu.



Denis is studying languages and linguistics; he is 25 years old and lives in Paris. He can get by in a dozen languages and is brushing up his Russian skills for the adventure.

The Castle, Morton National Park, Australia
The Castle, Morton National Park, Australia

Our philosophy

Deli Dolu is a pair of Turkish words that acquire a new meaning when put together, namely “full of life, always enthusiastic and curious about everything”. Our team name reflects our approach to adventure: setting off to meet new people, seeking out new experiences, all in good humour and with an optimistic attitude. By participating in the Sun Trip, we want to prove that solar-powered bicycles are a sound alternative for the travelers of tomorrow.

We were attracted to this self-reliant means of transportation that provides a great workout but remains accessible to all, and is fast enough to adapt to the pace of modern life whilst also promoting enjoyment of the journey itself and facilitating meeting new people.

People helping us

We can rely on Philippe, founder of Velofasto company. Philippe is an expert in bike mechanics, particularly where recumbent bikes are concerned! We have been very lucky to meet him at a bike exhibition. He supports us as a financial and technical sponsor.

There is also Christian, a friend of Philippe’s and an electrical engineering expert, helping us voluntarily for the electrical solar layout plan. Christian has had experience adapting trikes for disabled people, and

plans to build his own electric solar trike.

There is Elise’ husband Jean-François and his physicist friends and colleagues from CAILabs. They also help us for the electrical solar layout plan.

There is Denis’ girlfriend Rachel, who supports us in communication and project planning. Rachel created her own association in 2014 and enjoys such challenges!

And also Rachel’s mother Fabienne. She has been teaching French as a Foreign Language in Paris for many years. Fabienne’s students all around the world always appreciate and remember her. They will no doubt be happy to give us a hand in their respective countries!

And of course many friends of ours give us a hand now and then by sharing their particular technical knowledge with us.