The Sun Trip: what is it?

The Sun Trip is a solar bike rally-event that was created by Florian Bailly in 2013, with a first edition between Savoie, France, and Astana, Kazakhstan: 31 starters, 20 finishers, including 9 in “100% solar”.


The next edition of the race will take place in summer 2015. Another 30 participants will this time set off from Milan, Italy, and ride their way to Astana: how many of them will reach Kazakhstan's capital city?

The Sun trip — a new dream. 30 adventurers on solar bikes, a central principle of freedom in the choice of route and rhythm for each adventurer: as of today no event in the world has come close to the concept of The Sun Trip. Like a new “Vendée Globe” or a “clean Paris-Dakar” this rally is writing a new page in the world of big adventures.


The Sun Trip — a technological adventure. The development of electric bicycles and solar energy has made it possible today to “travel with the sun”. The Sun Trip wants to become a showcase for these new forms of mobility. Each of the adventurers will be an ambassador of solar energy and eco-mobility.


The Sun Trip — a human epic. Young or old, experienced backpackers or beginner travelers, the adventurers are a key element of The Sun Trip. Their diversity proves that adventure is accessible to all and that electro-solar mobility can be a source of emotions.


For more information please visit the official website of The Sun Trip!